Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Henkel Adhesive Group develops materials for the automotive electronics industry, which enable world-class performance and high-reliability. By offering an expansive portfolio of enabling materials (circuit board protection products, solder and sintering systems, underfills, encapsulants, assembly adhesives, thermal management materials and advanced inks and coatings), the Automotive Electronics division of Henkel has become a leading supplier to the World’s top automotive electronics designers and manufacturers. Within each of these portfolios are innovative formulations that enable efficiency and reliability in multiple system critical automotive applications, including power conversion and power storage systems, engine control units, sensors, camera modules, self-regulating heaters, in-cabin and exterior lighting, and many, many more.
With the GAP PAD, GAP FILLER, SIL-PAD, phase change, thermal grease and adhesive selections within the Bergquist and Loctite portfolios, thermal management material choices and customization are unrivaled.

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