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The feasibility of an EV Charging project involves high costs, however, due to the ROI (Return on Investment) provided by our Electric Charging Unit, we are confident that more EV Charging projects will be possible due to the rapid amortization of the investment, including providing an extra source of profit to the EV Operator.

Extra direct income can be obtained through advertised sales and market momentum will be obtained through promotional product offers presented through the electronic signage.

SOLUM as smart EV charging solution provider has been recognized both domestically and abroad, and currently exports quick chargers and ESS embedded hybrid chargers to the Japanese market, and 2023 will mark the year of SOLUM leap to North America and Europe. Based on our accumulated technological competitiveness and know-how, SOLUM will continue to advance research and development and becomes the best electric vehicle charger manufacturer recognized in the domestic and overseas global markets.

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08.05.2023   |  

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