X Terran – Electric ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle)

ATV which mainly appears in entertainment field as sports, leisure, and hunting, agriculture, military…ATV powered by pure electricity is the upcoming trend toward green-eco requirement. Bild X Terran klein

The Electric ATV is powerful & smart. X Terran, our new generation E-ATV, consisting of 3 modules of battery, with special 2+1 solution, the optional one battery which is portable makes the flexibility. Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) master based on CAN-bus system to communicate with BMS, MCU and CMU. Connected-car solution make it wiser & smart. With urban Styling & dynamic design, X Terran have versions of Standard & Patrol, which include a lot of variation design for touring, playground, express, golf cart… to make the world more convenient and enjoyable.


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