ZF erweitert sein E-Mobility-Portfolio mit Mercedes-Benz Trucks und Palfinger. Foto: ZF

ZF and Mercedes-Benz Trucks: Electric trucks with low-noise and zero-emission eWorX power take-off

The all-in-one solution eWorX from ZF offers vehicle and body manufacturers the opportunity to continue to operate a wide variety of work equipment such as mixers or cranes in electric commercial vehicles with zero local emissions. ZF has now realized two demonstration vehicles in close cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Trucks and the body manufacturers Meiller and Palfinger. An eActros was implemented as a skip loader with Palfinger and another eActros as a roll-off loader with Meiller.

As a fully integrated system, ZF eWorX offers significant added value for vehicle and body manufacturers: As a modular, standardized and intelligent system, it combines all functions for the electrification of work equipment in a compact unit. eWorX represents an important step in the electric transformation of commercial vehicles. The solution ensures local zero emissions while significantly reducing noise levels, which in turn facilitates the operation of work equipment in cities and residential areas.

The eWorX system installed in the demonstration vehicles has an electrical machine with a rated output of 50 kW, an inverter and a control unit with application-specific software, a cooling system and a hydraulic pump. eWorX acts as an interface between the vehicle and work equipment and communicates via a connection to the vehicle’s CAN bus. The system works independently of the traction drive and can therefore be used for electric axle drives and central drives. The traction battery of the electric vehicle supplies the ZF system eWorX with electrical energy. This means that the eWorX electric motor in turn drives the hydraulic pump for the implement. www.zf.com

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