Mit nur 3,2 Kilogramm Gewicht der leichteste Antrieb am Markt: Der MAHLE X20.

3.2 kilograms: lightweight for e-bikes

With its new X20, MAHLE Smart Bike Systems is launching the lightest drive system for e-bikes on the market. The system weighs just 3.2 kg – including the battery. The e-bike division of the Stuttgart-based automotive supplier is thus setting a new industry benchmark in terms of the weight/performance ratio of e-bike drives. The X20 also scores visually, because it is built invisibly into the frame and hub. In addition, artificial intelligence enables a driving experience that is perfectly tailored to the driver and can be customized. The new drive will be available from April 20, 2022.

The motor of the MAHLE X20 weighs only 1.4 kilograms. It is perfectly tailored to the construction of gravel bikes and urban e-bikes and can be detached from the system with one click. The rear wheel can thus be dismantled easily and without specialist knowledge or special tools. The hub motor delivers 23 Newton meters directly to the wheel – this performance is comparable to a mid-mounted motor with 55 Newton meters of torque.

A sophisticated sensor package measures acceleration, speed, torque, temperature and cadence on the X20 and continuously adapts the drive to the person in the saddle using artificial intelligence. It offers a perfectly coordinated driving experience – even if the driver or training condition changes. The drive system impresses with an absolutely natural pedal feel, which is similar to that of a classic high-performance sports bike, and provides noise-free support. The driver and vehicle communicate via a modern HMI with haptic feedback.

The two available rechargeable batteries iX250 and iX350 provide sufficient energy in every situation. They can be charged quickly with the MAHLE Active Charger – 80 percent charge can be easily reached within an hour. If more range is required, an optional so-called range extender can be accessed. This almost doubles the range, weighs just one kilogram and is shaped like a drinking bottle that is attached to the frame. This additional battery can also be used as a power bank with a docking station to charge a laptop or mobile phone on the go.

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