Aus Barcelona nach Berlin: DC-Schnellladestationen von Vega CHargers auf der eMove360° Europe. Foto: Vega Chargers

Aloha Gravity and Lander: Vega Chargers fast charging station duo at eMove360° Europe

Vega Chargers is a Barcelona-based company specialising in the development of DC fast charging stations for electric vehicles. For a sustainable present and future, Vega Chargers analyses customers’ needs and offers flexible and scalable charging solutions for electric vehicles, from concept and design to manufacturing and distribution. Vega Chargers will be exhibiting (Hub 27, Stand 513) at eMove360° Europe 6th International Trade Fair for Mobility 4.0 electric-connected-autonomous, which will take place from 5 to 7 October Messe Berlin.

Vega Chargers launched the ALOHA Gravity DC 30 kW charging station in mid-2021. It is a small, wall-mounted DC fast charging station that achieves similar charging speeds to larger charging stations thanks to a new concept. The ALOHA Gravity DC 30 kW reduces the charging time of electric vehicles: 200 kilometres of range are achieved per hour of charging time. The ALOHA Gravity DC 30 kW is a perfect solution for shopping centres and supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, private or public car parks and company fleets – with a stay time of 30 minutes to three hours.

New to the portfolio is the ALOHA Lander DC 60 kW fast charging station. It was developed for e-car drivers who need to charge their vehicle in a relatively short time between 30 and 60 minutes. Thanks to its continuous output power, 100 kilometres of range can be charged within 15 minutes. In addition, two vehicles can be charged simultaneously at the ALOHA Lander DC 60 kW thanks to its modular technology.

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