Audi Neckarsulm logistics specialists testing business model for mobile charging station

Logistics specialists from the Audi Neckarsulm site have devised a new business model: They are offering flexible charging with an all-round service. The Neckarsulm experts use the ParkE mobile charging station, a project developed in 2018 by the think tank Audi Denkwerkstatt Berlin.

But what services can be combined and offered with ParkE? The Neckarsulm team came up with a business model. The idea is as follows: The team takes mobile charging stations to wherever customers need them but where it is not possible to create a static infrastructure, and takes care of the charging process for electric cars.

The service is currently in the test phase. Through carrying out initial assignments for customers in various sectors, the team is gleaning findings that will enable it to evaluate the service – and ultimately decide how to take the business idea forward at Audi. “Our model could conceivably be used in a variety of areas. At sporting events, in parking garages at shopping centers, private residential complexes or hotels – we see many potential areas of use for generating new sources of income with the service,” explains René Valnion, the business model’s project manager.

The logistics experts have already successfully completed initial practical tests: They tested the service at the top-tier Bundesliga soccer club TSG 1899 Hoffenheim at its PreZero Arena and charged a variety of models. The team has also already deployed its service at major shopping centers. In the test phase, the offering was as follows: Shoppers or spectators at the sporting events are given the opportunity to find out first-hand about the Audi service and make an appointment. “Customers can then stroll around the shops or watch a game while we charge their car,” explained Valnion. Afterwards, they pick up their keys and drive off in a fully charged electric vehicle.

The business model is still being tested, but initial feedback is positive. “The important thing for us in the current test runs is to get up close to customers and obtain direct, authentic feedback that will enable us to swiftly improve our service,” remarked Valnion. The logistics experts are using all the responses to evaluate the business model before deciding on its future.

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