Information report on eMove360 ° Europe 2021 in Munich

Smopi® was a successful exhibitor at this year’s eMove360° Europe 2021 in Munich. You were able to present your new charging solutions to our numerous visitors. We thank you for the good cooperation and a successful trade fair.

The number of registered vehicles with electric drive is increasing every day. Do not miss the boat and benefit from this development. With intelligent charging concepts and an attractive offer, in the 360 ​​° carefree package, smopi® – the charging cabinet solution makes you ready for e-mobility.

smopi® – The multi-point AC charging solution, with the world’s first calibration law-compliant, remote display

Everyone is calling for it, be it politics, the auto industry or the electrical engineering sector. Everyone is talking about nationwide charging infrastructure, which can be billed transparently and securely

smopi® – The charging cabinet solution consists of three modular “components”: charging cabinet, charging point, control unit. THREE COMPONENTS = ONE SOLUTION

Calibration law stipulates that the user must always have access to the energy meter of the associated charging point. However, this is usually very difficult to read or can only be seen through a viewing window. We solve this problem with a calibration-compliant, separate visual display in the form of a transparent operator panel. This operator panel visualizes all data relevant to calibration law. A system that meets all the requirements of measurement and calibration law for charging infrastructure and can still be flexibly expanded.

smopi® – The charging cabinet solution offers the owner the option of setting up a few charging points on site at short notice and adding them at a later point in time. Since smopi® – the charging cabinet solution already manages up to 10 charging points in the first expansion stage, it is ideally suited for the start in e-mobility. Any number of expansion stages can be added for those who want more.

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