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Automated Driving: RoboSense Sensors for the dSPACE AURELION Sensor Simulation Solution

As part of a technology partnership, dSPACE has integrated sensor models from RoboSense, a leading international technology company for intelligent lidar systems, into the dSPACE sensor simulation solution AURELION. The goal of both companies is to accelerate the development, test, and validation of lidar applications in ADAS and AD applications.

AURELION can be operated both in the cloud and locally at the user’s site and generates real-time photorealistic images for camera simulation. Ray tracing also computes realistic raw data for radar and lidar. The solution can be used in all phases of the development process, for example for software-in-the-loop (SIL) tests, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests or for parallel validation in the cloud.

After extensive and rigorous validation of its reliability, RoboSense’s M-Series Lidar has gained wide market acceptance worldwide. The M-Series Lidar is the first automotive smart solid-state lidar to enter mass production and also the lidar with the most design awards worldwide. The M-Series lidar, which uses MEMS chips and two-dimensional scanning technology, combines high performance, sophistication and reliability to deliver point clouds of very good quality. This enables vehicles to improve their perception in various complex scenarios and better handle borderline cases in autonomous driving.

By integrating the M-Series lidar, autonomous vehicle developers can flexibly use high-quality lidar models through the AURELION platform, which provides synthetic data for the development, testing and validation of autonomous driving systems and solutions. As a result, the cost of training boundary cases can be reduced and development, testing and validation of autonomous vehicles can be faster.

“Sensor models for the most commonly used RoboSense sensors are now already integrated in the dSPACE AURELION sensor simulation solution. The scenarios that can be simulated in this way expand testing possibilities and reduce costs from the development phase to validation,” explains Caius Seiger, Product Manager Sensor Simulation at dSPACE.

Sean Wang, Senior Director of Product at RoboSense, explains, “By working with dSPACE, RoboSense will effectively support industry partners in the adoption and application of lidar-equipped vehicles. We look forward to deepening our collaboration with dSPACE, taking full advantage of the lidar technology products, and supporting the development of high-performance and safe systems for ADAS and autonomous driving in the automotive industry, jointly driving the development of the global automotive industry and autonomous driving.”

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