OPINA, das offene und Hersteller-unabhängige Ökosystem für die Entwicklung von Soft- und Hardwaremodulen für autonome Technologien, bietet mit Carla und TruckMaker gleich zwei Möglichkeiten, selbst entwickelte Softwaremodelle für das Autonome Fahren zu testen. © opinaproject.com

Autonomous driving: OPINA’s manufacturer-neutral test environment offers MIL tests

OPINA, the open ecosystem for the development of software and hardware modules for autonomous technologies, now offers two options for testing self-developed software models for autonomous driving (AD). While the open source environment CARLA is designed more for analyzing and evaluating real traffic scenarios, IGP TruckMaker impresses with its highly dynamic simulation capabilities. In the OPINA implementation, both test environments can communicate with other applications in real time via a ROS2 bridge.

OPINA has significantly enhanced both Carla and IPG TruckMaker with a ROS2 bridge: both simulation and test environments can communicate with other AD applications in real time via the Robot Operating System 2 (ROS2) middleware. This makes it possible to test AD applications on the OPINA platform at any time, which exchange data with the simulation and test programs via the ROS2 bridge. This is possible simultaneously with different vehicles, with different sensor configurations, simulation landscapes or even weather conditions.

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04.03.2024   |  

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