On the path towards a necessary sustainable and carbon-free future, Roche Italia has set itself two goals to be achieved in the coming years: the reduction of CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025 and an all-electric company fleet by 2030.The historic Swiss pharmaceutical and diagnostics multinational chose evway to start this process by entrusting it with the management of its electric fleet – to date over 30 cars – and by installing charging stations at the Monza headquarters and at the employees’ homes.

The first step in the electrification of the fleet was the removal of recharging anxiety, a goal achieved by equipping employees with the evway app, which shows the real-time availability of all public charging points installed on the Italian and European territory, an RFID KeyFob, which simplifies the charging process and sends the payment back to the company, and a dedicated 24/7 customer support.

The infrastructure of the company car park with about twenty charging points already installed, achieves the double objective of optimizing charging times (by adjusting the power of each plug based on the vehicle’s request and the total power available) while the employees are in office and to keep costs under control. The turnkey project completed by evway includes the project’s design, supply of the wallboxes and the management platform, the construction of the system and complete maintenance.

Upon completion of the project, the installation of smart wallboxes at the employees’ homes is underway, which represent the ideal tool for accounting for the energy taken from the domestic meter and for quantifying the reimbursement due.

The management of the fleet by the fleet manager benefits from the evway platform, which monitors and records in real time all the recharge made on public, corporate and domestic stations. Through the customizable dashboard, the fleet manager has the statistics of consumption and costs always updated for each employee/car and for Business Unit, with details of the individual sessions. Administrative management is simplified by cumulative monthly billing for all employees.

Roche is one of the thirty companies that have already chosen evway for their electric fleet, “The introduction of electric vehicles in company fleets generates a very important virtuous circle for companies and this project is a concrete proof.” – says Andrea Pizza, Fleet Manager at evway by Route220 – “We believe that the key to managing this transition effectively and efficiently is the flexibility we offer companies in finding the solution that best suits their needs. The initial fears and perplexities are immediately replaced by the concrete results and the positive echo that arises inside and outside the companies that take this path. “



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