CHAdeMO – Good charging infrastructure for sustainable E-mobility

What would be the pre-conditions for good charging infrastructure? Availability? Affordability? Safety?  Or robust and innovative technology?  For CHAdeMO, we believe that all of these are needed to support the development of sustainable and smart mobility. Representing the 470 members from 45 countries, CHAdeMO Association since its inception in 2010, has been striving for the deployment of truly practical and reliable EV charging infrastructure, placing safety and users as our top priorities. In this presentation, we share our vision of what good charging infrastructure looks like as well as our recent works and future plans in high power charging (CHAdeMO3.0) and V2G (a.k.a. VGI)

CHAdeMO’s new version 3.0 is part of an international collaboration to develop a new DC charging standard harmonising two of the three existing international DC fast charging systems, CHAdeMO and GB/T, started in 2018 as a Japan-China bilateral project. Nicknamed ChaoJi, this unprecedented work of creating a brand-new plug that handles up to 900kW while ensuring safety and backward compatibility with the existing systems evolved into an international technical collaboration platform of experts beyond these two countries. With the sole objective of making a truly excellent new system, experts voluntarily joined, bringing together their knowledge and market experience from around the world, and are now working together to ensure backward compatibility with CCS, embodying the industry’s willingness to international cooperation for the long-term harmonisation of standards.

Tomoko BLECH
Secretary General, CHAdeMO Association Europe

Tomoko Blech is the Secretary General of CHAdeMO Association Europe (based in Paris) since 2013. A former marketing strategy consultant and business reporter with work experience in Asia-Pacific, U.S.A. and Europe, she is in charge of the overall operations of CHAdeMO Association in Europe (and beyond), including public relations, institutional communication, member services, and event coordination. Tomoko holds a B.A in International Relations from the University of Tokyo, and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of California, Berkeley.

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