Chakratec and Wien Energie launched the world’s first High Power EV Charger with Chakratec’s Kinetic Power Booster at the Vienna International Airport

Chakratec, the kinetic energy storage pioneer, launched the world’s first kinetic powered EV charging station at the Vienna international airport.

The project, first of its kind in the world, comes after a successful pilot that was held at Wien Energie’s premises in the past year.

“We are proud to be boosting e-mobility together with leading partners such as Wien Energie and the Vienna airport. Our system provides unlimited number of charging cycles, and is sustainable – both economically and environmentally. This system marks the first in a row of a series of systems planned to be rolled out with our Austrian partners which was one of our first believers and early adopters” says Nir Zohar, Chakratec’s Co-founder and VP Biz Dev, Sales and Delivery.

Chakratec provides an optimal solution for the EV charging eco-system, circumventing the problem of insufficient power in the grid at locations where fast charging is required. This is done by applying Chakratec’s Kinetic Power Booster (KPB) based on their unique and patented Kinetic Energy Storage system, which enables the deployment of fast and ultra-fast EV charging station anywhere, including locations with a weak grid.

The collaboration between the two companies began at an innovation challenge held by Wien Energie in 2016, in which Chakratec has won. Followed by discussions with Wien Energie executives, great advice from the Global Incubator Network (GIN) as Austria’s one stop shop for startups, investors and incubators, plus further awards from Wiener Stadtwerke and NREL Industrial Growth Forum in the USA. Now, just two years later, the two companies launched the first kinetic powered EV fast charging station in the world.

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17.07.2019   |  

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