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CharIn: Taskforce for wireless energy transmission

CharIN is launching a wireless power taskforce initiated by Siemens AG, WiTricity Corporation and MAHLE. This taskforce aims to drive the adoption and standardization of wireless electric vehicle charging solutions worldwide to enable a seamless charging experience without wires. Industry experts are invited to participate. The taskforce will begin its work ineptember. The Wireless Power Transfer Taskforce was established to enable seamless cordless charging of electric vehicles. Currently, there are gaps in standardization that pose a challenge to vehicle manufacturers and stand in the way of wireless charging adoption. The CharIN Taskforce, initiated by Siemens AG, WiTricity Corporation and MAHLE, aims to close these gaps in a timely manner and ensure the successful integration and use of wireless power transfer technologies in the dynamic electromobility landscape.

The task force will actively work on harmonizing wireless power transfer (WPT) standards for electric vehicle charging, focusing on an 11-kW static charging system. By resolving outstanding issues in existing WPT standards, the task force aims to provide a foundation for seamless, efficient and universal wireless charging solutions. Defining the applicability of wireless charging will play a critical role in integrating it into different EV platforms. By defining rigorous testing procedures and certification guidelines for interoperability, the task force aims to ensure that wireless charging solutions are reliable, efficient, and compatible with different platforms. In addition, the taskforce aims to explore whether the coexistence of multiple relevant wireless power technologies is possible to foster a coherent electric vehicle charging ecosystem. “With our new CharIN Taskforce, we are paving the way for a new era of smart charging. By sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration, we are driving the seamless integration of wireless charging solutions to secure the future of electric vehicles worldwide,” said Claas Bracklo, chairman of CharIN e.V. “We have created this taskforce to provide end customers with solutions for convenient wireless charging in the near future,” added Thomas Wuerz, taskforce leader (Siemens AG). The taskforce invites both CharIN members and non-members to actively participate in shaping the future of wireless charging technologies.

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