Charge-V modular fast charging systems now available from Wattkraft

Wattkraft is expanding its portfolio and taking over the distribution of the modular fast charging systems from CHARGE-V. The charging systems for public and semi-public spaces currently enable DC fast charging with up to 160 kilowatts per charging point. Anyone who travels long distances with an electric car has to recharge occasionally. At DC fast charging stations, this can be done particularly quickly and powerfully, bypassing the rectifier in the vehicle. The Charge V charging systems allow energy supply companies, gas stations, municipal utilities, companies with electric fleets or shops to gradually build up such a charging infrastructure and expand it if necessary. The core is a so-called “Master 480” power unit, which guarantees a charging output of up to 480 kilowatts. Up to three DC charging stations, each with 160 kilowatt charging capacity, can be connected to this as satellites. These charging stations, for example the Smart 160, have an additional charging point for AC charging with up to 22 kilowatts of power. A total of six vehicles could be charged on one master at the same time.

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18.01.2024   |  

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