China Racing Partners with Omni Gear to Develop New EV Technology

China Racing has announced a new partnership with Omni Gear to begin initial development on an electric gearbox and, in due course, a powertrain, with the aim of bringing these to the FIA Formula E Championship and the electric vehicle market.Bild China Racing Partners klein

Omni Gear proactively designs, develops and manufactures power transmissions and is a sponsor of the Chinese-backed squad run by CEO Steven Lu.

From season two, Formula E will operate as an ‘open championship’, allowing teams and manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their own electrical energy innovations.

Working to the technical specifications set out by the FIA, teams will focus their efforts on improving and developing new technology in the hope this will filter into the everyday electric vehicle market.

“Omni Gear is one of our team sponsors but they will also participate to help develop a new gearbox for electric cars in the future, and the cooperation is very important for them to understand Formula E,” said Steven. “They are also working closely with my team to find a new powertrain solution. MD Craig Daniel understands the Chinese market is going to be the biggest for electric cars in the future so he decided to work with us to show his support to the Chinese team and this works very well for his Chinese partners and customers.”

Omni Gear’s Craig Daniel added: “After several meetings with Steven it became very clear that we share intense passion for electric vehicles and motorsports. While traditionally seen as a manufacture of off-highway gearboxes utilising ICE hydraulic systems, Omni Gear has become a global leader creating hybrid and pure electric powertrains from 10 to 400Kw. We view our participation with Formula E as a perfect opportunity to advance electric propulsion technologies. Technology developed for racing propels the advancement of both on-highway and off-highway powertrains.”

The second Formula E race takes place on November 22 in Putrajaya, Malaysia, where China Racing are expected to field drivers Ho-Pin Tung and Nelson Piquet Jr.

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