Crash test: Sono Motor’s solar integration convinces

Munich-based solar mobility solutions provider Sono Group N.V. (Sono Motors) has successfully completed the first overall vehicle crash test with its Sion solar electric car. The result of the 50 km/h frontal crash met the company’s expectations for the crash safety of the Sion and the robustness of the company’s proprietary polymer-based solar technology, which is integrated into the entire body of the car. The crash test was conducted in Italy at partner CSI, a certified testing institute, with a Sion whose outer skin with solar modules – for high contrast and thus more accurate test evaluation – was given a green coating.

In the first physical whole-vehicle test, which simulated a severe frontal impact, Sono Motors’ integrated solar technology did not shatter and thus posed no danger to occupants or other road users. Pending homologation, Sono Motors will conduct a total of approximately 300 physical component, sled and overall vehicle tests to confirm the results of years of crash simulations. Based on the physical and simulated tests to date, the company expects the Sion to meet all legal requirements for pedestrian and occupant protection. In addition to the legally required test programme, the company is conducting additional EURO NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) crash tests, among other things to increase the Sion’s crash safety for women and children.

Markus Volmer, CTO of Sono Motors, says: “After years of successful crash simulations, we are very proud that our solar technology delivers the same satisfactory results in high quality under real conditions. We want our customers to be able to drive with the confidence that the solar technology in their Sion not only charges the battery for free, but also meets the highest safety standards.”

The company will equip every Sion with future-proof driving assistance functions (ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) at no extra charge. The driver assistance systems are proven components from the technology corporation Continental and will be included as standard in the Sion’s expected retail price of around €29,900 gross.

The Sion development programme continues in parallel with the #savesion campaign. Currently, 18 complete vehicles are being used for endurance testing, crash tests and optimisation of solar charging, among other things. Further tests, including winter tests in Sweden and ADAS validation, are planned for the first quarter of 2023.

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08.02.2023   |  

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