Crown to replace BMW limo fleet

The government of New Zealand is replacing its VIP transport fleet, and ministers will be travelling in electric cars rather than their current $200,000 BMWs if the Greens get their way.Bild Tesla Model S klein

It currently has a BMW fleet of 34 cars which was replaced three years ago; each car retails for about $200,000. However, the contract for the German-made luxury vehicles expires soon.

The Green Party said in 2011 purchasing BMWs was not an appropriate use of taxpayer money, and transport spokesperson Julie-Anne Genter today said it should buy electric vehicles.

“There are a number of electric vehicles on the market which would exceed the specifications required by the Crown limos,” she said.

“They would actually be safer, have lower operating costs, so they’d be cheaper to run, and the list price is certainly much lower than that of the current Crown limos.”

Ms Genter recommended the Tesla Model S electric vehicles, which is not yet available in New Zealand but which retails in Australia for $NZ101,818-$NZ134,270.


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