Cyber security in the mobility sector

Mobility is changing rapidly. An unprecedented variety of possibilities is created and turns the industry upside down. The fast-growing area brings with it new challenges for IT security.

We – at Sulzer – have been IT partners in the mobility sector for 40 years. Under the term Cyber Security we summarize technologies, methods, processes and employees and coordinate them perfectly with each other. Our experience has shown that security is not a state, but a process, so that in the future Cyber Security is no longer unfathomable.

First of all, it is necessary to get an overview from a distance.

The ISO 27001 is a management system which offers itself in the area of mobility as a framework for the process. In this way, any company can be systematically led to the various aspects of IT security. TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is an assessment and exchange mechanism established by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) at the beginning of 2017.

Background: Especially in the automotive industry, suppliers often process extremely sensitive information from their customers because manufacturers closely involve them in product development. To ensure that the IT protection level of the data in this context is similarly high for all parties involved, suppliers are regularly required to provide corresponding proof. This guanrantees a high degree of comparability and transparency.

Data protection according to EU-DSGVO is an issue for every company. Data protection measures are an integral part of IT security measures. Consequently, from our experience it makes sense not to consider IT security aspects separately, but rather to focus on the establishment of a pragmatic IT security management system. By linking different requirements from standards and laws, additional effort can be avoided.

Our customers place great trust in us and our services. The latter are based on 40 years of profound knowledge in the IT and automotive industries and on our close cooperation with TÜV SÜD. This cooperation is unique in the industry and proves that Sulzer is the new market leader in mobility regarding cyber security. At Sulzer, we want you to feel confident about the process and know the opportunities and risks of your system.

The opportunities for IT security requirements identified in the process form the basis for our IT colleagues to work with you to determine the right measures for the best possible protection for your company. Whether cryptographic measures, secure development conditions, testing or IT operations – Sulzer offers you extensive solutions for IT security.

There can be no 100% secure IT, the progress being made is too fast for that. It is, however, possible to minimize risks by controlling the process and to proactively avoid or reduce damage through intelligent, pragmatic risk management.

You do not place the IT security of your company in the hands of any IT consulting firm. You rely on continuity and reliability. As an owner-managed company financed exclusively from equity capital, we maintain long-term, trusting partnerships with our customers – and have thus been able to establish ourselves quite successfully in the top 15 automotive IT service providers in Germany.

If you have any questions about Cyber Security, please contact me or my colleagues at Sulzer GmbH and visit us at booth 107A in hall A6 – so that you are well prepared against cyber attacks and that you don’t get lost in the digital jungle.

Edyta Szwec

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