Daimler Truck: More than 1,000,000 connected trucks and buses worldwide Daimler Truck: weltweit mehr als 1.000.000 vernetzte Lkw und Busse

Daimler Truck milestone: More than 1 million connected trucks and buses worldwide

Daimler Truck has reached an important milestone with over 1 million connected trucks and buses on its global digital platform. Vehicle connectivity serves as the basis for digital products that improve the availability, safety and productivity of customers’ vehicle fleets and enable the transition to sustainable transportation.

Daimler Truck has achieved this result in recent years by introducing hardware with embedded telematics functions and a global digital platform across all vehicle brands. The company has integrated its powerful connectivity platform across all major vehicle types and segments and added digital products that are used on this platform worldwide.

The applications are offered via Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime, Fleetboard or OmniPlus in Europe, Truckconnect in Asia and Detroit Connect in North America. The products, which can be updated online, reduce the need for workshop visits by remotely diagnosing and updating vehicles when it suits the customer. This has been proven to reduce unscheduled workshop visits, save customers time and money and keep vehicles on the road. Two examples: Unscheduled workshop visits have been more than halved in most cases thanks to early fault detection for Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime customers in Europe. And in the United States, Daimler Truck North America performed more than 500,000 remote updates last year alone, significantly reducing workshop visits for customers.

The integrated connectivity platform allows customers to log into the relevant application to easily access data and facts directly from their vehicles in real time, without additional hardware. In addition, Daimler Truck also works with third parties via the global connectivity platform to offer customers a wide range of logistics solutions.

The digital products also play an important role in the transition to zero-emission vehicles. Today, Daimler Truck offers eServices for battery-electric vehicles such as range forecasting, battery status monitoring, pre-conditioning and efficient charging management. In the future, connectivity will also play a key role in autonomous driving with solutions for remote support and systematic monitoring of autonomous trucks on the road.


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