Electric motors for sustainable mobility

The variety of existing electric drive concepts of different producers faces suppliers with very heterogeneous demands and the resulting specifications. To meet market requirements, in 2011 EM-motive GmbH, a 50/50 joint venture of Daimler AG and Robert Bosch GmbH, was founded.Bild e Motive klein

Relevant competencies and products are bundled in EM-motive and enable the company to master future challenges. EM-motive combines the expertise of a leading OEM with the experience of a successful system supplier. Thus, EM-motive is able to gain relevant know-how very fast, both in powertrain design and in component dimensioning. At the same time single development generations could be skipped due to the fact that one of the partners had gone this one step further before.

The EM-motive products are offered to all interested OEMs through Bosch. EM-motive’s present sales volume shows that this approach is worthwhile. In a minimum of time EM-motive grew up to the biggest producer of electric motors in Europe. In order to get the electric mobility started new projects are driven forward by the utilization of maximal synergies.

Even though EM-motive is a quite young company, it could put its ability to the test in several applications. Shortly after its foundation EM-motive managed the ramp-up of a high-volume production for the electric motor of the most popular European hybrid car on behalf of Bosch. The electric motors for the fastest electric series vehicles, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell, were made in high quality manufactory by EM-motive in Hildesheim. Moreover, the electric motor of the smart electric drive and of further EVs were delivered from EM-motive.Bild e Motive klein1

The product applications of the electric drive unit vary from electric drives in hybrid vehicles to applications as generator, plug-in hybrids in front-or rear-wheel drive configurations to fully electric vehicles in which the electric motor is the only motor.

Until today EM-motive completed successfully twelve product launches. Electric motors of EM-motive are as well applicable in EVs to strengthen a brand image and support the customers on the way to electric mobility, as in vehicles of the premium segment. Development, industrialization and production mesh perfectly.

The requirements for automotive components apply also especially to electric motors. Because of the permanent dynamic use of the electric motor, dynamics, robustness and resistance need to be on highest level. In comparison to combustion engines, electric motors show a lower complexity. This leads to a smaller error-proneness and is pioneering.

The remaining consolidation of electric drive concepts promises lots of exciting tasks in the fields of development and production. The electrification of for example light trucks or off-highway vehicles will be focused on in the future. EM-motive keeps pioneering.


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