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Elli launches Europe-wide charging solution for e-vehicle fleets

The Volkswagen Group brand Elli has launched new, intelligent software for managing all charging processes for electric vehicle fleets. With ELLI FLEET CHARGING, companies in Germany, Italy, Spain and Austria can now manage and optimize their entire electric fleet. Among other things, fleet vehicles are charged in a cost-optimized manner and the company’s own and public charging infrastructure is used in the best possible way. In a market launch phase lasting several months, around 650 German companies and fleet managers have already successfully used the Elli product.

The number of e-vehicles in fleets is increasing: One in seven cars in company fleets is already fully or partially electric, making the e- share significantly higher than in the population as a whole. (Source: KfW Research, August 2023). The main drivers are the reduction of CO2 emissions and legal framework conditions. As a result, the charging management of electric fleets is also increasingly coming to the fore. With ELLI FLEET CHARGING, the vehicle fleet is managed efficiently, thus reducing the administrative burden for the employer and employees as well as costs. The fleet management console enables absolute cost transparency in real time at all times. Company car drivers can charge at three locations: Publicly at one of around 560,000 charging points in Europe with an app and RFID card, which enable a simple payment and billing service. In addition, the software also controls the charging of the company car at home with a digital cost reimbursement system and an intelligent Elli Wallbox with automatic and documented cost reimbursement. Elli also offers an installation and maintenance service for the company wallbox at home with its experienced partner ChargeGuru. From April next year, ELLI FLEET CHARGING will also be available for workplace charging with planning, installation and maintenance options for charging and fast-charging stations on company premises.

Following the upcoming launch in Italy, Spain and Austria, other European countries will follow in the coming months. Interested customers can test the new Elli software free of charge in just a few minutes and steps online at

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