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eMove360 ° exhibitor Semso Tec: Sunlight readable display solutions for eMobility

The highest level of security, quality and durability are the top priorities for eMobility technologies. Smart optical operating units with touch displays have the advantage that they do not have any mechanical buttons. Dust, dirt or bacteria cannot adhere to joints and surfaces that are difficult to clean. A glass surface can be cleaned and disinfected quickly and easily. Touch displays also do not wear out after a certain number of actuations.


With the spread of smartphones, the operation of display devices has changed fundamentally. Touchscreens, control with swiping and gestures and intuitive operation via graphic elements have also become an indispensable part of electromobility. Self-explanatory pictograms, personalized user guidance or process-oriented assistance are just some of the features that can be implemented using graphic displays and modern software development platforms. In addition to the purely technical operating aspects and optimal cleanability, a clear design to provide important information such as the charge status is becoming increasingly important. In the outdoor area in particular, it is important, for example, that the HMIs can also be operated with gloves. This is now possible without any problems thanks to the use of the latest touch controller technologies. Corresponding software adjustments rule out incorrect entries, for example due to water droplets.


Applications in eMobility require different lighting conditions, such as direct sunlight, high demands on readability – the so-called sunlight readability of the displays. The Panther Black technology developed by SemsoTec ensures improved readability in sunlight. With the Panther Black technology, the reflection on the display glass from external light sources is reduced and there are no unwanted 3D effects. An improved contrast and viewing angle are guaranteed. There is an increased light density due to the reduced loss of light from the background lighting. Optical bonding significantly improves readability, especially in bright ambient light. The front panels are then connected to the display with a special adhesive. This avoids unwanted reflections, for example when using e-charging stations outdoors. It is important to have a differentiated display of gray levels, which is achieved through the high contrast that is supported by optical bonding. In addition, the adhesive technology increases the mechanical stability of the HMI and it is protected from moisture and dust.

■  Oliver Gropp

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