eMove360 Award Finalist Category Charging & Energy: KOSTAD Steuerungsbau

KOSTAD Steuerungbau has been developing a new type of power module for DC charging of electric vehicles since 2017. The power module is characterized by a high degree of efficiency (> 96%) and high power density (1.6kW / dm³). The use and integration ofsilicon carbide mosfetsfor direct current rapid charging represents a milestone in the future design and efficient operation of charging stations. This development enables the construction and operation of light, compact and cost-efficient DC charging stations for eMobility. The compactness also allows the DC charging infrastructure to be implemented in the form of wall boxes (compact charging boxes for wall mounting in the vehicle fleet and garages). 

More informations: www.kostad.at

The eyecatcher: KOSTAD’s Porsche Taycan at the eMove360 Hybrid 2020, Kohlebunker, MOTORWORLD Munich last Week.

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03.11.2020   |  

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