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Wallboxes and solar panels at IKEA: cooperation between Wallbox Chargers and Svea Solar

Wallbox Chargers, a leading global provider of electric vehicle charging and energy management solutions, and Svea Solar, one of Europe’s fastest growing cleantech companies and Sweden’s largest solar energy company, announce their new partnership. Wallbox Chargers’ products will be the primary electric vehicle charging solutions for Svea Solar customers from Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.

Svea Solar is an IKEA partner in four European markets, providing solar systems for residential customers. Under the new partnership, Wallbox Chargers products will be sold alongside Svea Solar’s solar offering to complement users’ home energy ecosystem and help more people make the switch to electric vehicles.According to IKEA’s website, 8 photovoltaic modules including delivery and installation: cost 9200 euros, with the charging station added for 1850 euros.

Wallbox Chargers AC chargers come standard with Eco-Smart, the company’s energy management software that allows users with a PV system in their home to charge their electric vehicle with self-generated sustainable energy. Through the Wallbox app, users can choose to charge their electric car with 100 percent green power from their home PV system or combine surplus solar power with grid power.;

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