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eMove360° Interview with Sergio Fiebich: Our ambitions focus on innovating smart city solutions and setting new standards in the industry

The SOLUM Retail EV Charger, Solum Energy‘s flagship product was the 2023 eMove360° Award winner in the “Charging & Energy” category, is distinguished by its commitment to seamless brand customization. This capability allows companies to incorporate their brand’s colors, logos and messaging into merchandising and advertising, resulting in a distinctive and easily identifiable loading experience. In addition, the charger’s versatility is evident in its support for various connectors such as CCS Type 1 and Type 2, CHAdeMO and others, effectively solving compatibility issues.

Sabine Metzger spoke to Sergio Fiebich, Senior Business Development Manager – EV Charging – Europe, for the current eMove360° magazine in german language about Solum’s product range, the connection to Samsung and the company’s long-term plans.

Mr. Fiebich, please briefly explain what is behind Solum Energy and what connection there is to Samsung?

Sergio Fiebich: SOLUM Energy is a new business branch of the SOLUM GROUP, which is a spin-off under the Samsung umbrella and specializes in groundbreaking technological solutions. Our roots lie in Samsung’s 45 years of experience in power modules and wireless communications, which we leverage to drive innovation in our offerings.

What type of products does Solum offer?

Fiebich: Our product range at SOLUM includes a variety of solutions tailored to industry and smart city applications. These include smart street lighting, electric vehicle charging stations, signage and electronic shelf labels (ESL) tailored to the evolving needs of various industries.

You won the eMove360° Award in the “Charging & Energy” category with the Solum EV Charger 60kw for Retail. What does this award mean to you?

Fiebich: The award that our “Solum EV Charger 60kw for Retail” received at the eMove360° Awards in the “Charging & Energy” category underlines its exceptional properties. This innovative product features high efficiency, fast charging capability, customizable features and, most importantly, its ability to generate additional revenue and R.O.I. streams specifically tailored to retail environments.

Was your participation as an exhibitor at the eMove360° Europe 2023 in Munich a success?

Fiebich: The most recent trade fair was very successful for us at SOLUM. It provided a platform to showcase our latest innovations, engage with key industry players and, most importantly, gain recognition for our groundbreaking EV charger.

What are the next steps, products?

Fiebich: Our future path at SOLUM envisages an expansion of our product range, with the focus on developing more efficient and sustainable solutions. We remain focused on advancing electric vehicle charging technology to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Where does Solum see itself in five and ten years?

Fiebich: Looking to the future, SOLUM sees itself as a global pioneer in electronic mobility solutions, making a significant contribution to more sustainable and connected charging of electric vehicles. Our ambitions are focused on innovating smart city solutions and setting new benchmarks in the industry, both in the short term of five years and the long term of a decade.

Thank you for the interview.

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