thumbnail_Der Schnellladepark in Tornesch verfügt über acht HPC Ladepunkte wie auch der EnBW Standort in Rutesheim (hier abgebildet): Foto: EnBW

EnBW: New fast-charging park opens in Schleswig-Holstein – the 1000 is getting closer

EnBW is putting another fast-charging park into operation, thus complementing the European EnBW HyperNetwork for motorists. The new site near Tornesch, a few kilometers north of Hamburg, is ideally located for travelers to the North Sea with its direct connection to the A23. It has eight HPC (High Power Charging) charging points of the highest performance class. E-car drivers can charge up to 400 kilometers of range there during a 20-minute charging stop, depending on the configuration of the vehicle. This is equivalent to driving as far as Berlin, Leipzig or Groningen in the neighboring Netherlands. The photovoltaic roof of the EnBW fast charging park contributes to the site’s power supply. For the additional energy required on site, EnBW uses 100 percent green electricity, as it does at all its charging sites. Tornesch is already EnBW’s 22nd large fast charging park with a solar roof nationwide. EnBW operates by far the largest fast-charging network in Germany with more than 800 locations. It will commission the 1,000th EnBW fast-charging site before the end of the first half of this year.

Expansion targets until 2030

This is borne out by the energy company’s expansion targets for 2030: to supply the forecast number of registered electric cars on German roads by then with public charging infrastructure, a total of 130,000 to 150,000 fast charging points will be needed. EnBW will provide 30,000 of these alone. It is thus making a relevant contribution to the successful expansion of public charging options in the country. Thanks to rapid technological advances, many more cars can be charged at a fast-charging site in a much shorter time than just a few years ago. The often quoted figure of one million charging points by 2030, on the other hand, is based on assumptions that are long out of date.

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