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EU Commission: Stricter emission standards for trucks and buses

The European Commission this week proposed ambitious CO2 emission targets for new heavy-duty vehicles that will apply from 2030. The targets will help reduce CO2 emissions from the transport sector, as trucks, city buses and coaches account for around 6 per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions in the EU and over 25 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions from road transport alone. Thanks to these stricter emission standards, this segment of the road transport sector could contribute to the transition to zero-emission mobility and to the EU’s climate and zero-pollution targets.

The Commission proposes a gradual introduction of stricter CO2 emission standards compared to 2019 levels with certified CO2 emissions for almost all new heavy-duty vehicles, namely 45% lower emissions from 2030; 65% lower emissions from 2035; 90% lower emissions from 2040. To encourage the faster introduction of zero-emission buses in cities, the Commission also proposes to make all new city buses zero-emission from 2030.

The EU is the market leader in the production of trucks and buses, and a common regulatory framework will help secure this position for the future. In particular, the revised standards give a clear and long-term signal for EU industry to invest in innovative zero-emission technologies and encourage the development of charging and refuelling infrastructure.

For more information, see the March issue of eMove360° magazine and https://ec.europa.eu/commission

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