Evans Electric previews new Axial Flux EV motor

Evans Electric has previewed a next generation EV motor that it says will be licensed for production in 2017.

The Axial flux asynchronous induction motor offers 90 kW of power, 300 Nm of peak torque and features very high torque density.

Evans Electric designed the new motor with integration, miniaturization and high energy efficiency in mind. It uses a double stator, single rotor axial air gap architecture with a patent pending solid core, copper disc rotor.

Overall, the size of the motor represents a reduction of 70%, while retaining the same level of performance. The motor has the same peak torque as a standard Tesla Roadster AC induction motor yet is only 1/3rd the volume due to a much shorter axial length. The oil-cooled 3 phase motor is designed to be integrated into the bellhousing of a multi-speed transmission.

The AFIM design is also well suited to wheel hub motor applications such as electric bus and military ground vehicles.

“Not only does the high power density of the axial air gap design give a cost advantage because less active material is required for a given amount of torque, but our copper rotor axial flux induction motor also has the significant cost advantage of eliminating the need for rare-earth permanent magnets.” said founder, Paul Evans.

The 4 person Sydney Australia based startup have been working on the AFIM design for a German OEM and has now opened their series A funding round.



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