New generation DC fast charging station

IES-Synergy announces the launch of a new generation DC fast charging station for BMW of North America together with Bosch Automotive Service Solutions. The new DC charger is based on IES-Synergy’s innovative KEYWATT technology and is rated at 24kW and built to the SAE Combo standard. This EVSE will charge the HV battery of a BMW i3 from empty to 80% within 30 minutes, significantly faster than any AC Level 2 charger.

It will first be installed at BMW i Centers across the US and will be part of the public infrastructure which can be accessed by every EV equipped with the SAE Combo inlet. The BMW i DC Fast Chargers will be part of ChargeNow, which is operated by ChargePoint.

“Technology leaders BMW and Bosch have selected IES-Synergy for their DC Fast Charger development, and this represents a major breakthrough in establishing our proven KEYWATT DC fast charging technology in the worldwide EVSE infrastructure markets,” comments Michel Orville, IES-Synergy’s Vice President of Strategy & Business Development. “It really shows the trust that our technology is now enjoying from customers in the international marketplace. As a smaller, yet global player, cooperation is the name of the game for IES-Synergy to be successful. This great program is coming to life also thanks to several important partners, including Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, with its unparalleled know-how in serving dealerships and customers in North America and worldwide.“

Another important program partner is ChargePoint, the largest network of EV charging with more than 18,500 charging locations in North America. This station will be one of the first with an SAE Combo connector on the ChargePoint network and is part of ChargePoint’s commitment to offer fast charging options to drivers and station owners. ChargePoint’s proven technology will enable the connection of the EVSE with BMW ChargeNow and the ChargePoint network, which allows users to easily find stations and start charging sessions.

IES-Synergy has been partnering with numerous industrial and automotive customers for more than a decade, using its KEYWATT charging technology. . KEYWATT resonates with compact, robust and cost-efficient designs and products. For the EVSE infrastructure market, KEYWATT exclusively focuses on DC fast charging and can operate under all relevant standards such as SAE Combo and CHAdeMO.

As part of its international expansion, IES-Synergy opened a Tech-Center in Southeast Michigan in January 2014 to better support its North American customers and businesses.

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