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Sustainable fleet: FINN reserves 12,600 Sion from Sono Motors

Only on 1 September, Sono Motors reported more than 20,000 direct customer reservations (B2C) with an average down payment of around 2,000 euros net. Now FINN, one of Sono Motors’ first B2B reservations, plans to increase its initial, non-binding reservation of 5,500 Sion in 2020 to reserve and purchase a total of 12,600 Sion. Solar mobility OEM Sono Motors, subsidiary of “Sono Group N.V.”, announced the signing of a letter of intent (LoI) with Munich-based car subscription provider FINN. This is intended to create a sustainable fleet of vehicles and advance the company’s environmental goals. In 2023, Sono Motors and FINN intend to reach a final agreement on their cooperation.

The aim of the cooperation is to provide FINN with cars to grow the company’s sustainable fleet. Production of the Sion is scheduled to start in the second half of 2023. Sono Motors plans to deliver 100 Sion cars to FINN in 2024. Thereafter, a further 2,500 vehicles are to be delivered per year until the total number of 12,600 is reached. FINN plans to use these for its service in Germany.

07.09.2022   |  

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