evway Travel Network: the best companion for who want to live a sustainable travel experience

“This is the pleasant part of travelling, that even ordinary matters, by their novelty and unexpectedness, often acquire the appearance of an adventure..” – Italian Journey , Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

The Alps, the sea, artistic and natural beauties, good food, traditions … this and much more is Italy. A territory to be discovered in every corner: from the most famous and cultural cities – Florence, Rome, Naples, Palermo – to the small villages immersed in the greenery of Umbria and Tuscany, passing by villages overlooking the sea along the Amalfi coast: Italy is the ideal destination for those who want to combine culture, nature, fun and good food.

But if you want to reach it by electric car, is it possible to charge without much trouble? Are there enough stations along the territory? Thanks to the interoperability agreements with the main European and Italian operators, it is possible to travel from Northern Europe to Sicily using only the evway App, being sure not to remain without charge or without a nearby interoperable charging station. But that’s not all, the evway App also accompanies the traveler to discover the beauties of the area, enhancing the charging time and turning it into an experience.

Hence the evway Travel Network (travel.evway.net/en): a portal where EV-Drivers can find hospitality facilities and tourist attractions that offer charging service. In the specific section of the App, the electric user can view the map in which only the facilities that are part of the evway Travel Network are displayed: the map splits into cars and bikes to indicate the hotels and restaurants that offer charge for four and two-wheeled vehicles.

The hospitality facilities members of the evway Travel Network not only provide the charging service, but also provide users with novelty, surprises – the unexpected written by Goethe -, adventures … In this way, the facilities contribute to transform the stay of their customers into a unique and interactive experience: the facilities don’t just provide energy, but contribute to create memories for their “electric” customers.

Hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions that join the evway Travel Network enjoy double visibility: in fact, in addition to the presence on the general map, they are promoted in the Travel Network section, a map completely dedicated to these facilities. A specific marker – hotel, restaurant and
tourist attraction – indicates them on the map and the promotional page dedicated to each exercise describes the facility and its services and offers direct contact to the EV-Driver, without going through intermediaries.

But it does not end here: on the portal, in fact, itineraries are also suggested for EV-Drivers with an indication of the local attractions to see, the reporting of public charging points and the presence on the territory of facilities associated with the evway Travel Network. Even from the evway App you can access the itineraries, so that you can view them on the road: in the “Live your Life” section click on routes and discover the ones suggested by the evway team…. If you want to live a travel and sustainable vacation experience, evway Travel Network is your ideal travel companion.


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