Soccer pro Max Kruse: That’s why he’s investing in electromobility “Made in Germany”

In the Bundesliga, star striker Max Kruse (VfL Wolfsburg) causes many a surprise. What many don’t know: Kruse loves fast cars in addition to the football field, has had his own racing team since 2018 and is involved in an e-mobility start-up in Hennigsdorf near Berlin. Max Kruse is a shareholder of eROCKIT AG, which is now publicly issuing shares for the first time and stands for innovative electric mobility “Made in Germany”.

The eROCKIT is something like the fastest “bike” in the world. With just a few steps on the pedals, this unique electric motorcycle accelerates to 90 km/h. The eROCKIT not only provides a great driving experience. This bike has the special human hybrid drive and should make the mobility of our world better.

Four questions for Max Kruse…

How did you discover eROCKIT for yourself? “I’ve never been a fan of electric mobility and I’ve never been a fan of motorcycles. When I first saw the eROCKIT with pedals, I wondered if it was really fun. I sat on it and my mind turned 180 degrees. You don’t really ride a bike… I’m also someone who loves adrenaline. So I was immediately hooked on the project and this vehicle. It’s just fun!”

What kind of vehicle is the eROCKIT? “It’s a mix between a bicycle and a motorcycle. There are many people who ride motorcycles. And there are many who ride bicycles. Combining that, I don’t think that’s ever happened before. Passing cars and pedaling like you’re on a bike is just a great feeling!”

Why did you invest in eROCKIT? “I was simply convinced of the product. And if I’m convinced of something, then I’m willing to invest in it. Because I believe that the future belongs to the whole thing. And I am sure that we can still achieve a great deal with it.”

Will eROCKIT conquer the two-wheeler world? “We want to convince people that electric mobility is fundamentally good for the environment and for humanity. And that’s why I hope that we can constantly improve and convince people that we have a very, very good product at the start. If we can do something to make the environment better, then I would advise everyone to join us.”

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