Pulverförmige Hochleistungswerkstoffe als Grundstoff innovativer Lösungen. Foto: DORST Technologies

Guest article: Powder forming as a key technology for the mobility transition

Powdered high-performance materials are the indispensable starting point for a variety of functional and structural components for new and future-oriented solutions in vehicle technology, drives, communication technology, the generation, distribution and storage of electrical energy, and for the development of network infrastructure and charging technology. Modern lighting systems, sensors, control systems, controls and mobile entertainment electronics are already largely based on components that are manufactured using powder molding methods.

A guest article by Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Christian Schmidt, DORST TECHNOLOGIES in the current issue of eMove360° magazine in german language.

The art lies in shaping a powdery material into an industrial component so that either the special functional properties of the material, e.g. magnetism, ion conductivity, or the structural properties of the component, e.g. temperature resistance, wear resistance, acid resistance, are optimal in later use come into play.

Above all, axial powder pressing in all its variations should be mentioned. The advantages of this production method lie, on the one hand, in the possibilities of near-net-shape shaping and, on the other hand, in the high cost-effectiveness through a targeted use of materials with high possible unit outputs. Where axial powder pressing is not necessarily the most practical, other and related pressing processes such as extrusion of plastic masses, isostatic dry pressing and also pressure casting of water-based suspensions are used. The pressed components usually achieve their maximum strength and final properties through the subsequent heat treatment, known as sintering.

Compared to other metal processing primary forming processes and the commonly used metal-cutting forming processes such as turning, milling and drilling, powder forming occupies a niche in production technology. The ongoing development of increasingly high-performance materials and the question of how to process them for practical applications, especially for applications related to the energy and mobility transition, is increasingly bringing this production technology into focus. Powder shaping is constantly developing into an indispensable key technology for innovative markets and future industries.

DORST TECHNOLOGIES, based in the south of Munich, Germany, is a leading international provider of machines and complete production systems for the ceramic and powder metallurgy industries with local support in all industrialized countries. We specialize in powder preparation, machines, systems, automation systems, tools and accessories for the processing and shaping of metal powders, technical ceramics, hard metals, ceramics and all other types of powder materials. DORST products and processes have been characterized by the highest quality, precision and cost-effectiveness since 1860.

Customer-specific solutions are our contribution to the energy transition and more sustainability. DORST TECHNOLOGIES offers application-specific machines and systems for the production of core elements such as solid separators, interconnectors, mono- and bi-polar plates, cathodes, anodes, contacts and magnets for innovative battery storage systems made from metal powders, technical ceramics, ferrites, rare earths, graphite, carbon or others complex powder mixtures.

The DORST Technology Center connects people with technology, creating a unique space for innovation, creativity and communication at an expert level. We rely on long-term partnerships with our customers with a clear focus on customer needs. DORST TECHNOLOGIES offers individual services, such as machine overhauls and modernizations, preventive maintenance programs and, last but not least, global expert support for operation, setup and maintenance.

With our own IoT division, we have begun to pave the way to digital processes in production in order to raise process stability, efficiency and competitiveness to a completely new level.

Further information: DORST TECHNOLOGIES, business area development, Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Christian Schmidt, hans-christian.schmidt@dorst.de; www.dorst-technologies.com

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