Der elektrische Hochdrehzahl-Luftkompressor: ZF baut seine Führungsrolle im Bereich der Elektromobilität von Nutzfahrzeugen aus und kündigt eine Partnerschaft mit Liebherr an. // Electric Air Compressor: Further advancing its leadership in commercial vehicle eMobility, ZF has announced a partnership with Liebherr to develop cutting-edge technology for fuel cells.

ZF world premiere: Electric high-speed air compressor for fuel cells

In order to accelerate the decarbonization of the commercial vehicle industry, ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division announces the world premiere of a key product for electromobility. A newly developed air compressor reliably supplies the fuel cell with a high air volume to enable an efficient chemical reaction for power generation. Together with the Liebherr Group’s “Aerospace & Transportation” product segment, ZF will accelerate the development and deployment of this technology. Both partners will develop advanced fuel cell air compressor systems for their respective customer base, with ZF exclusively serving the commercial vehicle sector.

As the performance and efficiency of fuel cell systems depends on a reliable air supply, the compressor is one of the key components in high-performance fuel cell systems. Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS has more than four decades of experience in the field of high power density, high speed turbomachinery – especially air bearing technology – originally from aerospace applications. In addition, Liebherr has already developed several applications for the automotive sector.

ZF’s new joint development agreement with Liebherr for advanced fuel cell air compressors will enable ZF to support a wide range of vehicle platforms with a modular, compact and scalable design. The compressor, which is optimized for commercial vehicle use, offers a number of advantages due to its air bearing design, including oil-free operation, extremely high engine speeds and thus high power density and efficient operation. Reliability over the entire life cycle of the compressor, even in the most demanding heavy-duty vehicle applications, is a key focus of ZF’s development work.

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27.04.2023   |  

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