Transparenz bei der Elektromobilität. Der EQC als Schnittmodell Electric mobility becomes transparent. The EQC as a cutaway model

Glas EQC 400Matic: Elaborate cutaway model – electromobility becomes transparent

With a glass EQC 400 4MATIC, apprentices from Mercedes-Benz make the innovative technology of the electric car visible. The left half of the vehicle was left in its original condition and the right half was provided with cuts in the body and in the floor. This leaves a clear view of otherwise hidden components such as the battery. Cut-away models of individual components, a simulation of the charging process by LED running light and a virtual display of the high-voltage components on a tablet PC complete the complex exhibit.

Around 40 apprentices from the professional groups of automotive mechatronics technicians, vehicle interior fitters, construction mechanics, process mechanics for coating technology and tool mechanics were involved in this project. The employees come from the Sindelfingen, Bremen and Rastatt locations. Including a COVID-19-related interruption, this team worked for about a year to build a glass EQC from a donor vehicle and a body shell. At the same time, numerous illuminated sectional models of individual components such as the onboard loader, cockpit, bumpers and headlights were created. They were integrated into the large display object. This practical work on an electric vehicle enabled the current year of trainees to learn important learning content.

The charging and discharging of the battery is simulated with the help of an LED running light along the charging periphery of the vehicle. The original screens of the EQC have been reprogrammed so that explanatory images and videos can be displayed and played. With the help of an augmented reality (AR) application, the high-voltage components can also be displayed virtually in recordings of the EQC on a tablet PC.

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