Kia delivery time guarantee: ordered now, delivered this year

It’s a race against time: Anyone who orders an electric car today runs the risk that it won’t be delivered until the subsidy conditions have deteriorated further. This is because the innovation premium, which was reduced at the beginning of the year, will be lowered again on January 1, 2024, before being eliminated altogether by the end of 2024 at the latest. Kia is now giving private buyers of the Niro EV peace of mind with a delivery time guarantee: for those who have already ordered the popular electric crossover or order it by the end of June, the brand guarantees that the vehicle will be delivered by December 31 of this year at the latest. This applies to all models without an optional sound package.

In the Inspiration version, the Niro EV is already almost fully equipped as standard. The base price is 47,590 euros (excl. VAT: 39,991.60 euros). After deducting the current innovation premium of 7,177.50 euros (4,500 euros state premium, manufacturer’s share of 2,250 euros plus VAT), the price is reduced to 40,412.50 euros. As with all models of the brand, the 7-year Kia manufacturer’s warranty applies to the Stromer. It also includes the drive battery. This means that the Niro EV has one of the most comprehensive manufacturer warranties for electric cars in Europe. We tested the strengths and weaknesses of the Kia Niro EV for the June issue of eMove360° magazine (publication date: June 15).

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01.06.2023   |  

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