GOVECS expands delivery fleet with new electric scooters

The GOVECS GROUP (“GOVECS”) is systematically expanding its delivery fleet with the ELMOTO LOOP and GOVECS FLEX models, thus offering new mobility solutions for all kinds of delivery services – from courier, postal, and parcel services to food delivery.

The leading manufacturer of electric scooters in Europe has already launched the PRO CARGO series, a further development of the well-known GO! T transport scooter. Now, an especially light and agile model and a vehicle with a modular design are being added that respond precisely to the different requirements of delivery services. Customers will benefit from GOVECS’ years of experience in the fast-growing market.

“Our vision of clean mobility in major European cities can only be realized with the involvement of traffic-intensive industries,” says GOVECS CEO Thomas Grübel, explaining the need for electric-powered delivery fleets. The order volumes of delivery services in general and food delivery services in particular are expanding rapidly. This is why urban logistics is an increasingly important business segment for the Munich-based e-scooter pioneer GOVECS. “We want to make it as easy as possible for suppliers to switch to electric fleets and offer them a product that not only perfectly meets their needs, but is also future-oriented,” he continues. Companies in the supply industry are opting more and more for electric scooters instead of classic gasoline scooters in the interests of achieving greater cost-efficiency.

Powerful GOVECS PRO CARGO mobilizes delivery services and wins over Domino’s

With its top seller GOVECS PRO CARGO, GOVECS mobilizes various supply fleets from Domino’s and consolidates its position in the supply industry through successful partnerships. The GOVECS PRO CARGO is a heavy-duty scooter with a payload of up to 180 kilograms. It accelerates with the same BOSCH drive as the GOVECS E-Schwalbe, which recently won the ADAC test. The world market leader in pizza home delivery Domino’s is fully convinced: “We put the new GOVECS PRO CARGO through its paces for weeks at our Munich facility: All the drivers were impressed by the longer range, even more comfortable handling, and even better acceleration than the previous model. We are confident that we have found the right partner for our electric vehicle fleet in GOVECS,” explains Munich franchisee Andras Greger.

Super light and agile ELMOTO LOOP with backpack ideal for courier Services

The ELMOTO LOOP is an excellent alternative for companies that prefer delivery services with a backpack. Visually, it is a hybrid between a bicycle and scooter and it is the lightest vehicle in the L1e moped class. Weighing in at 59 kilograms, the ELMOTO LOOP is not only unusually slim, but also extremely agile and maneuverable. When combined with a backpack, the scooter is also ready to make deliveries. Courier services, which often wind their way through busy city centers, can also benefit from the features of the ELMOTO LOOP. The 2-KWh engine performance provides real driving enjoyment at a top speed of 45 km/h. The sleek scooter will be available starting September 2019 and can be driven with a normal car driving license. The removable battery can be fully charged in just four hours.

GOVECS FLEX offers maximum flexibility through modular design

The GOVECS FLEX electric scooter also boasts a removable rechargeable battery and other features for maximum flexibility. The product uses a modular design that is suitable for various target groups in the mid-price segment, especially for delivery services. This is because a delivery box can be quickly mounted in just a few simple steps. Further options include a top case or a second seat. The 16-inch tires provide excellent driving stability and safety. Moreover, the external frame makes the scooter especially sturdy and is therefore ideally suited for heavy-duty use in the supply industry. The scooter will also be available from September 2019. With full on-board connectivity as an additional feature, the driver is always connected to his scooter via Bluetooth and can enjoy conveniences like locking and unlocking via app.

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