Foto: Renault Trucks

Multimodal e-mobility concept for inner-city delivery services

Renault Trucks has announced the launch of an industry-first multimodal e-mobility concept for the last mile. The E-Tech Master OptiModale was developed and commissioned by Renault Trucks to reduce congestion and improve air quality in urban areas. It combines three types of electric vans in one vehicle: a 3.5 tonne LWB L3H1 E-Tech Master Van with a low-loader Luton body from Horton Commercials; an electric cargo bike from eBullitt; and package drone from UVATEK. The E-Tech OptiModale is designed to transport and deliver packages of different sizes. Its specially commissioned Low Loader Luton body accommodates the packages and acts as the “mother ship” for the eCargo bike and drone helipad system.

19.05.2022   |  

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