Effizient laden mit der Ladelösung witty share mit Lastmanagement von Hager. Foto: Hager

Hager charging solution: witty share makes PV electricity usable for fleets

The new building of Ingenieurgesellschaft für technische Gebäudeausstattung (ITG), with its two building sections covering 980 square meters, not only offers an optimal working environment for around 40 employees, but is also a prime example of energy-efficient construction.

The buildings, which have been occupied since February 2018, produce more energy than they consume as plus-energy buildings. The two managing directors Franz-Xaver Nagl and Rainer Stierstorfer decided to install two large-scale PV systems at the time, which were implemented as parking lot roofs. The two PV systems produce the majority of the energy for the two heat pumps used to heat and cool the buildings. The building’s comprehensive energy concept also includes e-mobility.

When choosing a particularly efficient charging solution, ITG opted for the witty share system with load management from Hager. Employees can charge both their own vehicles and ITG company vehicles at the twelve Hager charging stations in an almost climate-neutral way. A particularly practical feature is that the charging stations are activated using RFID cards, which also function as access cards to the company building.

“Another decisive factor for the Hager solution was the fact that Hager was not only able to supply us with the wallboxes including load management and the associated power distribution including planning, but also a comprehensive complete solution with all other electrical installation components – including the tehalit.BRN65 parapet trunking system and the Elcom audio/video door intercom system for inside and outside,” emphasize the two managing directors.

Hager power distribution: the linchpin of the charging infrastructure

Of central importance for the electrical building technology are the universal Z power distribution units from Hager with cascade transformer measurement, which were installed in both parts of the building – one of them handles the power distribution of eight charging stations in the “Heating, ventilation, air conditioning” division. The second controls the four charging stations in the “Electrical Planning” division. The data and power distribution of the charging infrastructure was carried out by the regional Hager Service Center with the Hagercad planning software as part of the project management and implemented with univers Z.

When charging the vehicles, Hager load management ensures that the maximum power is always made available without overloading the building connection. Thanks to dynamic control, the load manager automatically recognizes the consumption of the entire building and can thus make optimum use of the available power of the building connection – and this works extremely well: “The load manager regulates the energy distribution to the e-vehicles extremely efficiently. Due to the different daily idle times and the different vehicle types with 14 hybrids and two fully electric vehicles, we can supply our fleet very well with our own PV electricity,” say the two managing directors, who, after commissioning all installation functions and systems without restrictions, see their decision in favor of the Hager complete solution confirmed. hager.de/witty-share and hager.de/references

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