HEIDELBERG to offer charging solutions for apartment buildings and vehicle fleets in future

Following its successful entry into the market for charging solutions for single-family homes with wallboxes, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (HEIDELBERG) will in future also be offering modular, expandable solutions with dynamic load management for charging many vehicles at one connection. To this end, the subsidiary Amperfied GmbH has acquired a stake in the software specialistFlotteladen GmbH. Flotteladen GmbH, Allensbach, develops and sells software solutions for e-vehicles, especially for installations with several charging points, such as in apartment buildings. The investment in the company accelerates the further development of Amperfied GmbH from a manufacturer of wallboxes to a system provider for charging in apartment buildings and vehicle fleets. Through the close cooperation, Amperfied wants to broaden its product range and open up new business areas. In the long term, the participation also secures access to and further development of the software backend required for this. “Our goal is to lay the foundation for new business models by expanding Amperfied’s product portfolio,” said Ulrich Grimm, technical managing director of Amperfied GmbH. “With the team from Flotteladen, we have gained a fast and flexible partner to enter the attractive market for multi-family homes and vehicle fleets.”

“Amperfied GmbH is the ideal strategic partner for us to grow even faster in a very dy-namic environment. We complement each other technically, have the same philosophy and, above all, the same vision,” said Alexander Hirt, Managing Director of Flotteladen GmbH. “We are already working today on innovative networked solutions for the mobility and energy transition of tomorrow.” Integration of the software backend, load management and access to billing systemsFlotteladen GmbH has been developing and selling charging infrastructure for e-vehicles since 2020, especially for installations with multiple charging points.In January 2022, a new charging management system was introduced that makes it possible to charge up to 100 electric vehicles at one electrical connection. The current building load is measured via a meter and the maximum power available for charging is determined. A so-called dynamic load management avoids load peaks and optimises the charging time of the connected electric cars. The software in the backend allows system configuration, evaluation, data and user management as well as billing and can be integrated into the customer’s existing IT infrastructure.

So far, the main customer groups of Flotteladen are social services and energy providers with several hundred installations in the market. With the latest charging systems from Amperfied, both companies want to expand their presence in existing markets and tap into new customer groups.;

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25.01.2023   |  

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