Infineon: New generation of microcontrollers for electric and digital cars

The future of mobility is green, autonomous, fully connected and cyber secure. Microelectronics enable automotive transformation. Infineon Technologies AG launched the new generation of AURIX™ microcontrollers (MCUs) at CES 2022. The TC4x series is an important building block for electric mobility, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and new system architectures; applications with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) are also becoming more affordable thanks to the new generation. With its scalable family concept, AURIX also enables a common software architecture and thus significant savings in platform software.

“With the next generation of the AURIX family, we are laying the foundation for the electric, intelligent and connected car of the next decade,” said Peter Schiefer, head of Infineon’s automotive division. “We are the leading partner in a rapidly changing automotive world,” he added. “With our system knowledge, our passion for innovation and quality, we make a significant contribution to making cars more environmentally friendly, safer and more comfortable.”

Infineon’s AURIX family is the first choice for high-growth and safety-critical applications such as powertrain, safety, assisted and autonomous driving, as well as domain and zone control in the automobile. Considering the increasing complexity of vehicles and the possibility of AI implementations, a significant focus has been placed on the AURIX TC4x ecosystem to ensure fast time to market and ease of use. The scalable family concept is an important building block for reliable electronics and software-based applications. Demand and sales of AURIX microcontrollers are expected to grow strongly over the next few years. For example, a leading European car manufacturer will have around 35 AURIX MCUs on board a new vehicle to be produced in the middle of this decade.

The new AURIX TC4x family is important for both electromobility and the progress of automated driving. It offers improved connectivity as well as advanced security and protection. In addition, new SOTA (Software Over the Air) functions meet the requirements of car manufacturers for a fast and secure car-to-cloud connection, which enables updates in the field as well as diagnostics and analysis during vehicle use.

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