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INTIS Easycharge: The world’s first inductive charging station available for the Metz moover

Metz Mobility GmbH and the charging specialist INTIS have developed easyCharge, a contactless charging option for the Metz moover premium e-scooter. The two partners show once again that technical innovations “Made in Germany” remain possible. EasyCharge is the world’s first CE-certified and so far only system for inductive, wireless charging of e-scooters and small e-vehicles. After successfully completing the practical test last year and the associated approval, charging stations and Metz moover are available for pre-order. The vehicles must be retrofitted with inductive charging technology and then approved by DEKRA via an individual approval process.

The technology is very easy to use. An e-scooter can be easily parked and parked on the charging station. As a result, the charging process starts automatically and reliable recharging of the battery is guaranteed. A charging process runs just as quickly as when charging with the original charger with cable. Optionally, the e-scooter can also be secured against theft using an eyelet on the charging station.

The modular design of the easyCharge charging stations makes it possible to mechanically connect several stations with each other and thus – tailored to the respective user – to optimize the number of charging stations. In addition to private individuals who just want to charge quickly and conveniently, the concept is primarily aimed at commercial customers such as hotels, logisticians and large companies. Further information at;

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