• – Kia invests in IONITY to deliver high power charging capabilities
  • – Over 400 high power charge points across 24 countries in Europe
  • – EV6 charges from 10 to 80% in 18 minutes, 100 km in under 4.5 minutes
  • – Customers benefit from reduced kWh prices
  • – EV6 pre-order phase started, first deliveries in Q4 2021


The all-new Kia EV6 electric crossover will be available alongside a comprehensive, high power charging network and integrated payment platform in Europe. As IONITY joint venture member, Kia can offer customers reduced charging prices at the only pan-European network currently offering ultra-fast 350kW chargers. One of many high-tech features of the Kia EV6 is its 800 Volt battery pack, which offers high Power charging capabilities for the first time in this segment. At IONITY charge points it takes just 18 minutes to charge from 10 to 80% and less than 4.5 minutes for 100km, maximum driving range is over 510km (WLTP). Kia’s partnership with part-owned IONITY gives customers access to over 400 high power charging stations across 24 European countries and boasts a charging point at every
120 km of the international highway network.

Jason Jeong, President at Kia Europe commented: “Our partnership with IONITY is an essential part of our plans to make EVs a more viable option and introduce 11 of them to the market by 2027. A reliable infrastructure that supports our vehicles’ high voltage capabilities is vital in encouraging more people to make the switch to electric mobility. The combination of Kia’s long-range state-of-the-art EV6 and access to the comprehensive IONITY network reimagines the EV user experience by providing a seamless journey through easy access to a vast charging network, a simple payment process, lower electricity prices and most importantly, ultra-fast high-tech charging.” The IONITY network uses the leading European charging standard CCS (Combined Charging System) and is sourced by 100% renewable energy. Thus, drivers of electric vehicles are able to travel not only emission-free but also carbon-neutral. Drivers of the new fully electric Kia EV6 will view IONITY charge points as dynamic POI’s, showing the real time availability status in the navigation system. Customers can then use the Kia Charge app to easily manage combined payments for public charging.

Kia provides two pricing packages to suit user needs. The Access package, which will be available later this year, costs just 4.5 Euro per month and gives customers below-average energy prices of 0.52 Euro/kWh compared to the 0.79 Euro/kWh level that is available at most public charging stops. Kia’s Power package, which is available from May, is aimed at more frequent users who – for a monthly subscription of 13 Euros – can access energy prices from as low as 0.29 Euro/kWh. Another customer benefit comes with the Kia Charge App: It gives access not only to the IONITY network but also via Kia’s partner Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) to around 205,000 charge points across Europe, including AC and DC connectors. Customers pay all their charging activities with full transparency via a one-invoice-solution. All customers ordering the new EV6 will receive a free one-year subscription to the IONITY ‘Power’ package until the end of 2022. In selected countries those who pre-reserve the EV6 Base and GT Line models in April will also be given a one-year subscription to Kia Charge and a charging credit voucher. The same offer will be given free-of-charge to all EV6 GT model orders confirmed by the end of 2022.

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