Charging solution witty share makes PV electricity available for employee and company vehicles

Ingenieurgesellschaft für technische Gebäudeausstattung (ITG) from Eching opted for maximum energy efficiency and its own generation and use of electricity when constructing its new company buildings. The company’s own PV electricity is used, among other things, to supply the company fleet and employee vehicles.

When choosing a particularly efficient charging solution, ITG opted for the charging infrastructure around the witty share charging station with load manager from Hager, which has been installed since April 2023. Since then, employees have been able to charge both their own vehicles and ITG company vehicles at the total of twelve Hager charging stations in an almost climate-neutral manner.

ITG has found a particularly simple solution for billing the charging current it receives. Since it is mainly employees who charge their vehicles at the charging stations and these are billed via flat-rate taxation, the individual charging quantity is of particular interest to the company. This is recorded for each vehicle via the personalized RFID card.

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25.10.2023   |  

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