Tim Steinmetz, Geschäftsführer & Chief Growth Officer bei gridX

Comment: gridX managing director on the planned promotion of sustainable charging solutions for e-cars

According to media reports, the German government is currently planning to release a new funding pot for private energy solutions in electromobility at the end of September. Specifically, the program is intended to promote the widespread use of electric vehicles and sustainable charging concepts. In the future, a household can receive a maximum of up to 10,200 euros in subsidies if it purchases a new holistic solution consisting of a charging station, solar system and battery storage. An important prerequisite is the existence of an e-car or a binding order for one. Tim Steinmetz, Managing Director and Chief Growth Officer at Europe’s leading smart energy company gridX, welcomes the new subsidy program, but gives a crucial hint: “The fact that the German government wants to fuel the spread of electromobility in Germany with a new, attractive subsidy is motivating news. However, it is important to point out a crucial variable to interested parties who are now falling into actionism because of the offer and want to jump straight at the first available offer for a charging solution: The combination of e-cars, wallboxes, solar panels and batteries is basically spot on. However, most of these systems – as a rule – cannot communicate with each other, especially if they are not from the same manufacturer. In theory, this does make it possible to use electricity generated in-house to charge the e-car. But unfortunately, that’s all it does. In order to use as much of one’s own electricity as possible, consumption must be adapted to the generation of the solar system. This requires an energy management system that networks and controls all the systems in the house. For example, the electric car can be charged when solar power is available. My tip for interested parties: Find out from a suitable specialist company or solution provider that offers holistic charging solutions including a manufacturer-independent energy management system. Because that’s the only way to ensure that you’re benefiting the most and not limiting yourself – in terms of cost savings and carbon footprint.” Tim Steinmetz, Managing Director & Chief Growth Officer at gridX

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05.09.2023   |  

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