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Charging infrastructure: reev shortens the configuration process to less than 60 seconds

The new electrician tool “eWizard” from software company reev speeds up and simplifies the configuration of charging infrastructure from an average of 10 minutes to less than 60 seconds. eWizard sets a new standard as a unique tool that enables installation in less than a minute and at the same time eliminates the likelihood of errors through automation. Electricians benefit significantly from the web-based application by saving an enormous amount of time and effort.

eWizard automates much of the process, significantly reducing manual data entry. The new application is designed to enable people with little to no mobility expertise to complete complex configurations successfully and quickly. The market innovation is now available in all countries where reev is available and in the respective national languages.

Another industry first is the step-by-step troubleshooting guide: if an error message occurs during the installation process, eWizard identifies the problem and guides the installer step-by-step to the solution. The troubleshooting help is based on experience and the most frequently occurring sources of error. reev thus provides electricians with an intuitive tool for solving problems.

“When developing and launching the eWizard, we set ourselves the task of making the day-to-day work of electricians and installers as efficient as possible. To this end, we analyzed the process of commissioning charging infrastructure: Where is there potential for optimization? Where in the value chain can we start? The result was that the configuration process plays a decisive role here. Simplifying and automating this process not only means that configuration can be carried out significantly faster, but also that the probability of errors is reduced to almost zero. We are thus delivering an unprecedented market innovation that also accelerates the accessibility of charging infrastructure,” says Steffen Falter, Product Manager at reev.

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21.02.2024   |  

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