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reev and GEWISS partnership: Preconfigured AC and DC charging solutions in a complete package

The software manufacturer for intelligent charging solutions reev and the hardware manufacturer GEWISS have entered into a partnership to bring a groundbreaking innovation for electromobility to the market: For the first time, fully pre-configured AC and DC charging solutions will be offered as a coordinated overall package. In doing so, reev and GEWISS are responding to the growing market demand for intelligent AC and DC mixed installations that can be managed and billed centrally and easily. In the complete packages, the reev charging software is already installed on GEWISS hardware and a reev SIM card is integrated.

The reev software can be tested free of charge for three months in the complete product. This makes it possible to maximize the flexibility, exact fit and limitless versatility for charging infrastructure operators (CPOs) – and also significantly increases the simplicity and speed of commissioning for electrical installers. The pre-configured GEWISS | reev AC and DC products are available immediately.

15.11.2023   |  

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