Linkcharging: With new H-series at eMove360° Europe in Berlin

Linkcharging Technology (LINCHR) is a company with more than six years of experience providing turnkey solutions for electric vehicle charging in private homes, semi-public and public spaces. LINCHR has now installed 800,000 DC and AC chargers worldwide and has a share of over 30 per cent of the electric vehicle charging market in China. LINCHR’s goal is to provide more innovative charging pole products for electric vehicles in the European and UK markets, establish stable cooperative relationships with local companies, and set up offices in Germany, the Netherlands and other places within a few years to help partners with promotion and training for product, installation, etc.

Product innovation: H-series

Just this year, the LINCHR H-series was launched, mainly for the European and UK markets. The products are CE and RoHS certified and are on the KFW grant list. The LINCHR H-Series is intelligent and adapts to all electric vehicles. The compact dimensions (260 x 260 x 100 mm) and minimalist design fit into any garage or home. The all-black H-Series is built to UK regulations and has both built-in Type B RCD protection and open PEN conductor protection.

The LINCHR H-Series chargers automatically interrupt charging when using other electronic equipment. There is the untethered and the corded version. The untethered version works with all standard type 2 cables. For the tethered wallbox, LINCHR chooses a high quality 5m type 2 cable that is suitable for a wide range of standard garages and flats.

LINCHR APP: The charging current is set via the intelligent LINCHR APP, and the H-Series communicates with the charging back-end via OCPP1.6J communication protocol, making remote management smarter and more convenient. At the same time, there are a variety of ways to start and stop. Besides RFID card and plug-in charging, LINCHR can also use APP remote control.

Charging with solar energy: The LINCHR H-series can be connected to solar panels with the innovative solar matching function. Users can thus charge their electric vehicles with solar energy and schedule charging times via the APP.

Visit Linkcharging from 5 to 7 October at the eMove360° Europe trade fair Berlin, Hub 27, Stand 214

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