Der eDrive der nächsten Generation von Magna bietet Zulieferern eine branchenweit einmalige Technologie in einer leichten, kompakten und nachhaltigen Lösung. Foto: Magna

Magna: next generation eDrive presentation

Magna presents its next-generation 800V eDrive solution for the first time. It sets new standards in efficiency, power-to-weight ratio and torque density. Magna’s next-generation eDrive is a drop-in solution that incorporates several advanced technologies. These lead to a significant reduction in weight and size, improved performance and increased range and sustainability. With its low weight of 75 kg and 20% lower height compared to Magna’s previous eDrive generation, it also offers more flexibility.

A key technology and industry first in the supplier industry is the ability to rotate the eDrive over 90 degrees around the drive axle. This enables better system integration in the front and rear of the vehicle. The system also achieves an efficiency of up to 93% in real driving conditions (including WLTC and highway), which significantly improves efficiency at different vehicle speeds and makes the system more versatile.

“We stand by our commitment to create exceptional driving experiences while supporting a sustainable future,” says Diba Ilunga, President Magna Powertrain. “Our next-generation eDrive is a realization of this promise with impressive sustainability in both product design and production methodology. By seamlessly integrating our systems, we have been able to reduce reliance on aluminum and heavy rare earths, reducing CO₂ emissions during production by approximately 20% compared to the previous generation eDrive. This impressive achievement is tangible proof of our commitment to sustainable innovation and moves us further towards a greener future.”

Magna’s next-generation eDrive is versatile and can be used as a primary or complementary secondary drive solution with an optional eDecoupling unit for C, D and E segment vehicles. It delivers a peak power of 250 kW and a maximum torque at the axle of 5,000 Nm.

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